MI Thermocouples

Technical Specifications:
  • • Thermocouple Type: MI Type Thermocouple (Pt/Pt-Rh10%)
  • • Temperature Range: 200°-1450°C
  • • Types of junction: Grounded, Ungrounded
  • •Type of Sheath:SS304, SS316, SS310, Inconel600 etc as per your application
  • •Shape and Size: As per the requirement or application
  • •Shape and Size: As per the requirement or applicationt
  • •Cable: Tef/Tef, Tef/Fg/SS, Tef/Tef/SS as per Requirement
  • •High Accuracy
  • •Ensures Long Life
  • •fire resistant mechanism
  • •High Temperature Strength
  • •excellent resistance to corrosion chemical reactions

We specialize in manufacturing large variety of MI Thermocouples including. It has high temperature strength and wide range of industrial applications, retaining good ductility properties. The product has the resistance to oxidation and excellent resistance to corrosion chemical reactions; hence it is mostly used in chemical industries. The Thermocouple wires that are used in this product provide fire resistant mechanism and due to this striking feature it is used in chemical plants and power stations, hence eliminates the probability of causing fire. It has got high accuracy and ensures long life.

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