Portable MI Thermocouple /Leaf type with Handle

Logic instruments have customized High/low Temperature Thermocouple Type ‘T ‘ up to 400°C, ‘J’ up to 800°C, ‘K’ up to1200°C Available range of -50 to 1200 ºC. assemblies find applications in temperature measurement of Furnace, Oven and other High/ low Temperature Application of corrosive or non-corrosive nature. High Temperature/ Pressure assemblies with SS thermo wells and weld on flanges are offered on request. A wide Variety of designs, diameters, lengths and materials of sheaths ( SS) can be offered along with standard designs. High precision test Thermocouples duly calibrated from recognized test laboratories. Available with cable type Teflon / Teflon or SS shielded with teflon or PVC.

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